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ExpoClub.ru is a special tradeshows web-project for Russian-speaking users about exhibitions and conferences all over the world.

We offer our visitors comfortable navigation and services for specialists of various industries to get information on the biggest exhibitions and congresses, and special-purpose conferences and seminars that are to take place several years ahead. The information is given only in Russian, it is daily renewed and completed due to the portal’s editorial staff and close relations with exhibition and conference organizers of different countries.

For advertisers ExpoClub.ru is an effective site for internet promotion of business events, promotion of services and exhibition and congress centres possibilities.

The main users of the ExpoClub.ru are mainly “decision makers” of companies and organizations of different business sectors from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries speaking Russian language. These companies have an active marketing position and use ExpoClub.ru while preparing for business events.

Today ExpoClub.ru is visited up to 4.5 thousand times a day.

It is worth mentioning that 95% of the visitors come from Russia, one of the leading industrial countries of the world. Number of industrial enterprises grows drastically. In 2012 Russia became the fifth economy in GDP volume on Purchasing Power Parity, and the eighth economy in GDP nominal content.

Heads and owners of companies pay more and more attention to participating in exhibitions and conferences all over the world, especially to creating a positive image in foreign markets and looking for new sales markets.

Advertising at ExpoClub.ru will attract attention to your product of business community representatives in Russia and CIS countries, state organizations, mass media.

You can get the additional information about advertising opportunities on the pages ExpoClub.ru by viewing the presentation and making an inquiry to project manager:

Djemma Karryeva

Tel./fax: +7 (495) 258 51 81, +7 (495) 258 51 82
E-mail: info@expoclub.ru
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